It all began...

In 1974, after going through a very painful, debilitating divorce, I met my first Spiritual Master, Swami Muktananda (affectionately called Baba), who totally altered my life.  Destiny kicked in and before I knew what was happening, I found myself deciding to join his national tour with Siddha Yoga.  And just like that, my life became that of a Bhakti with Baba for 9 incredible years... traveling around the US and living 4 of those years in India.  Never would I have thought I would ever end up living in an ashram in India. 

I literally walked through a cosmic doorway ( Spiritual Awakening) that left behind a life that was seemingly without connection or purpose and into an evolutionary turning point that opened the floodgates for my true destiny to unfold.  I had no idea, at the time, the profound immensity of the journey that was to be my life.

The lessons and experiences had an intensity that was new to me in a very profound way.  I had never even thought to examine my thoughts or look at myself in a deeper way.  Living in an ashram with a regulated schedule of meditation, service, chanting and study was all new and opened up avenues for inner exploration that brought astounding revelations by exposing many, many, many unconscious patterns of behavior that were very painful to see.  I did not want to see the dirt under the carpet.  Even though the pain was unbearable at times, the quality of my relationship of devotion, faith and trust in my teacher carried me through it all.  These were the first experiences of feeling an extraordinary inner bliss and joy (for no reason) that literally blew my mind.  And this was the beginning of understanding how my stories and programming ran my life at all times... and that my mindset was actually creating resistance which then caused my suffering. 

siddhapeeth 2.jpg
Siddha Peeth Ashram, Ganeshpuri, India

Siddha Peeth Ashram, Ganeshpuri, India

I was hooked... the Journey had started and there was no turning back.  My Clarity grew and my  Awareness grew, and it was obvious that there was just no other choice for Living that made any sense other than my quest, my 'spiritual journey'.

While being with Baba, I became totally absorbed in reaching people to lightup their path of Spiritual Awakening.   This was the 'total focus' now for my life and the underlying foundation for the recent direction of creating now THE CONSCIOUS LIVING find and discover the highest expression and experience of being and living an 'enlightened' life.  I was completely emerged, focused and passionate about 'seeking higher wisdom'.  My desire became clear.  I wanted to live and work with people who were changing the world by bringing forth knowledge and wisdom for creating a New Humanity.

And so it happened,,,,,,I had the honor of being trained and guided by many of the world's esteemed Master teachers for over 40 years.  So many amazing teachings and vast experiences opened up realms of Being that connected the dots.   I realized that the common thread boils down to listening to the wisdom already alive within each of us, what I refer to as 'heart wisdom'.   I was totally blessed to study and work with (in PR and marketing) such New Thought leaders as Tony Robbins, John Gray, Marcia Weider, Marianne Williamson, Rev Michael Beckwith, Hal & Sidra Stone (Voice Dialogue), Mother Meera, Hugging Ammachi, Dada Deepakbhai, Braco, Anette Carlstrom, Bart Smyth and many more.

I was extremely fortunate to spend quality time in service with each teacher.  And each was the perfect tuning fork to further help me uncover and release the 'muck' that was the conditioning and limiting beliefs that stifled my connection to Source, my Divine nature. 

In 2004, I was introduced to Avatars, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, who continue to be my guiding Masters.  As I refer to life as "a journey of continuously peeling the onion", I came to the startling realization that most of us, and certainly myself, were living in a daydream of life rather than Living in Presence, which is Mindfulness.  THAT impactful AHA moment was another huge turning point for deeper transformation.

The 3 most valuable understandings/experiences that have come from studying with the Avatars and which I am Most grateful are:

1) Being with what is happening as it is (accepting what is)

2) Letting go and stepping out of resistance (trying to change what is)

3) Creating a strong bond with one's personal Divine ( golden key to enlightenment)

What I know for sure is that these ways of being create exalted, profound, authentic, expanded states of Higher Consciousness which continue to blossom my heart's truest desires. The Gift of living more in Presence is one of unbridled freedom, joy and love, which comes from intention,  attention, awareness, acceptance, allowance and dedication....and  the bottom line.... MY personal relationship to my Divine nature.

Being with, Letting go & Creating a bond

Being with, Letting go & Creating a bond


Initiated and trained since 2004 through the Avatar Masters, Sri AmmaBhagavan, I combine the tapestry of all my years of discovery and struggle (trying to Become the perfect seeker with the right behavior, thoughts and mindset) with the realization that everything I wanted and desired is already Present inside and happening automatically.  Grasping that realization opened another pivotal, revealing insight which was... the 'seeking' itself was a block to Living in Presence

What has blossomed from ALL these AHA moments is my innate guidance and the roadmap that I share that unleashes the simplicity of just Being Here Now.

One of the Gifts I was initiated to offer is the powerful, mystical Supreme Light Supreme Love Meditation, which is an ancient Eastern technology, handed down through the ages for deeper ignition and acceleration of one’s heart/brain connection.  This Divine reflection connection alignment is actually an energetic attunement for living in a higher dimensional reality of peace and contentment as one's path of Mindfulness unfolds.