I have been an “energy junkie” for many, many years:). I was always drawn to modalities that ‘increased’ the vibrational frequency of my Being. The simple reason was how good and more balanced I felt mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I trained in Aikdo for many years because it’s main focus was on ‘energy’ as the gentle power force of each movement. My initial introduction to QiGong was studying with Master Mantak Chia in Los Angeles. Both modalities were extraordinary in empowering, expanding and supporting the evolution of consciousness that I was studying as well.

There are many forms of Qi Gong practiced throughout the world.  Bhimiji is certified through the Supreme Science QiGong Center with Master teacher, Jeff Primack.  

QiGong is an ancient Chinese moving meditation of healing postures that are simple and powerful exercises.  These vital energy techniques in conjunction with special breathing focuses to enliven one's Life Force Energy... referred to as Qi, Chi or Ki.   The ancient Chinese Taoists, scientists of the subtle energy body, studied and worked with the circulation of Life Force Energy through coordinated precise flowing movements, deep rhythmic breathing and meditation. 


AMPLIFY your Life Force Energy to lower stress, help prevent illness

and increase Longevity!


Research shows that the Health benefits include increased circulation and relaxation, heightened sense of awareness, unblocking of stuck energies, happiness, serenity, increased endorphins, harmonizing blood flow and creating a healing magnetic field.


As your body responds by doing what it’s designed to do (heal and re-balance itself), blockages in your flow of Qi disappear and your full LIfe Force Energy moves smoothly, radiating out into all aspects of your daily life.


Bhimiji offers a beginners group practice as a part of her 4 hour program coupled with the Supreme Light Supreme Love Meditation.  Those together are quite a Power Packed Punch for realigning, restoring, refocusing and empowering one's Inner Higher Intelligence connection.