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How to Tame the Chaos?

 learning to sit with unpleasant experiences and allowing yourself to feel them without judgement is one of the 3 keys to living a conscious life.

Perhaps you have begun to realize within yourself a shift happening by living from a different state of consciousness—called "the awakened state."

Mindfulness is now the new language of modern life, the answer to our high-paced, overstretched schedules. The dimensions of Mindfulness that are valuable are those that allow us to observe our thinking, relieve stress and feel our deeper connection to Source, Higher Intelligence, Unified field of consciousness, God or whatever one calls it.

In a world of unprecedented technological advances and connectivity, why are so many people seeking more simplicity and stillness? As Tolle says: “The truth is that anxiety and depression are the result of a divided focus, disconnection to our true nature and attachment to form.”

Time is of the essence as we are ALL moving into greater levels of Awareness and States of Being.  Much is being flung in our direction as we are Light Workers helping NOT only ourselves but the Collective Consciousness shift into our New Humanity.

A difficulty many people come up against is how to integrate and stabilize their arising new consciousness more continuously in daily life.

Many of you may be asking, "How do I live in this world and stay rooted in deeper states of Being and Presence?"

I am being guided to offer an ongoing series of classes (MASTERING THE MOMENT) which will support the mindset shifts that need to happen as we stand more fully in our True Nature. We will bring to LIGHT what is up in our path as a group to unwind core challenges and deepen our Source connection. Each class will build upon the other and also stand alone.

Your primary purpose in life is awakening — Conscious Living — a beacon for consciousness in the world.

MOST of us….

Were never trained to ‘observe’ our thoughts.

Were never encouraged to ‘feel’ our feelings.

Were never allowed to ‘speak’ our truth.

Are you ready to GET REAL about what is going on inside of YOU?

In this focused interactive workshop, the 3 KEYS will be experienced In a tangible atmosphere with other like-minded people which increases the energies of the processes.

The unfoldment of living an Awakened Life has sign posts that we need to identify and embrace as the process continues.

Specific energetic processes will be given to ignite and deepen your Experience of 'truly living' rather than living the life of the mind, which consists of cravings and fear.

This workshop is designed to help you accept and befriend the egoic state of mind that makes life seem like a series of frustrating or unsatisfying experiences.

YOU will gain the ability to abide in the realm of ‘Living in Presence’ on a more regular basis through a guided meditation to center yourself into the truth of your being. Your commitment is what keeps you rooted in the present moment.

YOU will learn how to stay connected to your 'core essence' no matter what is happening, as a neurobiological shift actually will take place, as you experience the brain/heart Alignment - the flow of Universal Consciousness.

• YOU will connect to the Power of Grace which allows you to LET GO of resistance, which has been creating the burdens and struggles of life. This connection allows you to go beyond the thinking mind and beyond the dimension of form.

YOU will practice the ancient Yogic technique of ‘Anulom Vilom Pranayama’ (breathing) to help balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain as well as physical and mental energies of the chakras, energy centers. Immense health benefits.

YOU will discover the secrets and laws of the ‘Alchemy of Consciousness’ of how negative energies are transformed and dissolved, a daily practice that will relieve stresses and chaos.

As an integral part of the workshop to ‘anchor’ and further support your experiences is the powerful and mystical Divine Light Meditation (open eye).

The DLM is an ancient Eastern technology, handed down through the ages for deeper ignition and acceleration of one’s internal Heart intelligence connection.  This Divine reflection connection alignment is actually an energetic neuro-biological attunement for living in a higher dimensional reality of peace and contentment as one's path of Mindfulness unfolds.

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From over 40 years of studying and experiencing the extraordinary path of my Spiritual Journey, these workshops and courses have naturally evolved at this time. The inspiration to bring these offerings forward is fully guided by my Divine relationship.