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Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation + Satsang

Convenient and easy to tune in.

If you want to break through the ancient patterns that have been weighing you down and be liberated to receive what you most desire...

If you want to find more meaning, purpose and significance in what you do everyday...

If you want to feel a stronger connection to partner with the energies of the Universe to more easily fulfill your dreams...


If you are experiencing challenges and feeling out of sorts, join the club. Many of us are going through the shifts of new alignments.

We are clearing LONG time lingering patterns that have been messing with us. We are being guided to release, detach and surrender to this process.

This SLSLM is an amazing way to more deeply connect to the Grace of your essence, higher intelligence, life force whatever you call it that truly empowers your life in more conscious awareness.

Please sign in by 6:55 to get settled in.


• Allows the brain and heart to merge in Oneness Consciousness as it creates an actual neuro biological shift. This Sacred Blessing transmission is a vital energetic activation to more fully experience 'Living in Presence'.

• A gentle, powerful, heart-centered experience that ignites the blissful dimensions of consciousness. It is a reflection of Your Own radiant, eternal Presence.

• This Grace- filled meditation is a mystical gateway and push into Awakening and Experiencing your inherent power, to heal what is burdening you, to solidly create your sizzling connection with your Divine and the collective consciousness.

• It helps shift your perceptions of truly SEEING how the Mind interferes with experiencing life as it occurs, without trying to change it. This ultimately will lead to the absence of conflict and suffering.