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  • Phoenix & Dragon Annex 5531 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA, 30342 United States (map)


How are you aligning as our world is transforming? Are you in ease and flow or are you in struggle and stuckness?

Are you drifting in the illusion of your story?  

Has your lens been smeared with conscious and unconscious patterns of judging and comparing that brings struggle?

Is this way of thinking keeping you prisoner of your stories?

We Are Going To Delve into How to Nurture ‘Living’ in Your Divine Nature

How To Relate To This Oneness State Daily

Please join Bhimiji for this exciting and expansive gathering that will rock your world!!!

For MORE info on the workshop details and you can register there as well…please visit

EARLY BIRD THRU JAN 24. AFTER Jan 24, price is $65

Registration $59

As an integral part of the workshop to anchor and further support your experiences is the powerful and mystical Supreme Light Supreme Love Meditation (open eye). The SLSLM is an ancient Eastern technology, handed down through the ages for deeper ignition and acceleration of one’s internal Heart intelligence connection.  This Divine reflection connection alignment is actually an energetic attunement and neuro-biological shift for living in a higher dimensional reality of peace and contentment as one's path of Mindfulness unfolds.